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Welcome to the first ever Independent Music Law site for musicians in the U.K.

About The Site

Musiclawadvice.co.uk supplies advice and representation to a wide range of artists, bands and music related companies.

The main aim of this site is to provide accurate and up to date information on all issues surrounding music law and to aid independent bands and musicians with information that suits their position within the industry.

In addition to gaining general legal advice from the site, you will be able to contact a Music law adviser directly and receive an honest assessment of your situation.

You will be able to contact us for any music law related advice and receive a totally independent service. This site is run by an Independent Music Legal Advisor not affiliated to a law firm. Support for the site has come from many areas of music including various websites and record labels.

You will be able to access articles with detailed information on many areas of Music Law including:
- Contracts
- Copyright law
- Record Deals
- Management, Publishing, Digital Distribution Deals.

Do Artists need advice?

It is so important in this current climate to prevent Record Companies and other industry figures from exploiting new and current artists. This site is designed to guide and advise you through early deals that might come your way and that could determine your future.

There is no doubt that understanding your legal position will go a long way to helping you get the most out of a deal that you might be offered. When being advised on a deal (by us) you will be given a full clause by clause contract analysis giving you a much clearer picture of why a music company needs to attain certain rights from you. This will allow you to be fully aware of your rights throughout the contract period.

Do Labels need advice?

We can advise and draw up deals for management, recording, publishing and distribution companies. We can also help you with any promotional, merchandising, publishing contracts.

Contact us with any queries at enquiries@musiclawadvice.co.uk

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